Pleiadian Message 1 Of 2

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... DESPERTANDO 20110815 Pleiadian council of nine message for 14th august Pleiadian Message 1 Of 2

Pleiadian message. 1 2. - youtube, Info about "the law of attraction". it is like one awesome domino effect: love - peace - light - abundance - harmony - liberty. by marinodelfino.

Urgent pleiadian message starseeds 1.30.2014, I know in my heart i am a pleiadian starseed. it resonates through every part of my being. i have been feeling as of late a negative force lingering over.

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 rare moment channeled message from the pleiadians 9th jan 2012 Integrating Our Essence On Becoming a Being of Light The Elohim Galactic Federation of Light: ALAJE/АЛАЕ - Pleiadian Alien Message PLEIADIAN MESSAGE. 1 OF 2. -

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